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About Us

Our Mission 


We are very proud of our faculty and facility. Our administrators and St. Thomas More Academy staff are highly qualified and certified to meet the highest standards in early childhood education for 2 and potty trained through 5 year olds.  They are kind, nurturing, talented and patient people who love their work and the children they serve. Our goal is to set a strong foundation for each child that gives the children the confidence and knowledge to make their mark in the world.
STM Academy is founded on the Catholic Faith and based on firm Christian morals and ethics as revealed by God through His Word, The Bible, and through The Holy Church.  Your children will receive regular religious instruction, participate in prayer and attend mass once a week.  We will help them grow as persons by sharing God’s love with them. St. Thomas More children will have Faith, and know God is with them each step of their path.
St. Thomas More Academy is dedicated to providing a nurturing environment where our children can grow both academically and spiritually. We believe that by educating the total child, we instill independence, a love of learning, positive self-esteem, and respect for others. With these building blocks firmly established, children are able to reach their potential as strong, independent, and loving children of God.

Child Safety


St. Thomas More provides a spiritual environment safely tucked away from main thoroughfares. We offer surveillance cameras in classrooms and around the school perimeter, locked front entry doors with an intercom system, and a fenced playground in order to maintain the safety of children in our care. A member of the management is always on the school campus.

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